Why Study Interdisciplinary Science

The Science 100 Philosophy

The last 20 years have seen unprecedented discoveries and innovations across all fields of science. Many of these discoveries have been driven by collaborations between traditionally distinct science disciplines. Expertise from many different fields will be required to tackle the global and local issues facing us today.

Science 100 embraces this new way of thinking by applying an interdisciplinary approach to science education.

It incorporates three key principles:

1. An integrated science education
The material in Science 100 is presented in an interdisciplinary manner, dissolving
boundaries between specific disciplines.

2. Discovery-based, hands on learning
Science 100 incorporates unique learning opportunities including field work, visits to
research facilities, group projects, novel lab experiments, and an individual research

3. Collaboration and community engagement
Science 100 allows you to be in a small class, giving you more opportunity to interact
with teaching staff and fellow students.